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medleymisty asked: *hugs* Thanks for your response - all the responses are helping me understand people with experiences different from mine better. :)

You’re welcome! *hug*

I meant to send this privately. Oops.

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I am having a question.

Why are people ashamed of playing the Sims? I just saw that simsconfessions post with the person who does city planning now because they play the game, and they said they could never tell anyone what inspired them to take that job.

Dude. It’s a game. You play it. For fun. It does not hurt anyone. There is nothing to be ashamed about, promise. The only shameful thing in life is hurting other living beings - like, you know, how the people who made you feel ashamed of playing the game hurt you.

For me, it’s more that my friends don’t understand the extent to which I play the game. I have a few friends who play (or did) but I doubt they take pictures of their gameplay and post them. And my best friend isn’t into casual games, so she judges me for liking the Sims and Nancy Drew games and playing them constantly. And my parents already think I’m obsessed with the game, so if they knew I had a tumblr and posted gameplay pictures, they’d probably take away my laptop (no joke, even though I’m 20) and never let me play again. So it’s just my little secret. My youngest sister knows I have a tumblr, but she doesn’t judge me.

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She looks way too happy to be going into labor…

Xenia walked by again later in the week, so Cassandra greeted her. She left soon after though…