Hoppy Easter! I’m still not sure on the red lips, but I think it looks weird to me just because I don’t typically wear lipstick or lipgloss or anything like that.

Before too long, it’s time for Duncan’s birthday.

loves the cold | good | no sense of humor | genius

Bea conjures up apples to use as fertilizer in the garden.

Ezra sets Riley down on the ground and lets Riley ‘age up.’ Hopefully Claire can get the potion made soon so I can turn Riley real!

Angus and Bea get a free vacation, so they leave the kids home alone for two days to relax.

And last to age up is Claire!

slob | artistic | clumsy | socially awkward

Up next is Bea, joining Angus in adult-hood.

The next night, it’s time for a triple birthday. Up first is Ezra.

genius | easily impressed | animal lover

Angus has his birthday and becomes a full fledged adult.